SD & HD bondage video of babysitters all tied up and gagged!

This babysitter bondage video is an amazing 19:30 minutes!! Shot POV style so it’s as though YOU are the nephew with the hot Aunt Natasha Flade who lets you tie her up! It’s your birthday and you’re staying with your Aunt Natasha Flade again. But you’re hiding out in the bedroom, playing on your computer, sort of bored. Aunt Natasha comes in in her tight turtleneck sweater, sweat pants and socks. She asks why you’re sitting here all alone in the room. It’s a snowy day, but still, it’s your birthday after all, so you should do something! Then Aunt Natasha smiles and says that she has a very special birthday surprise for you — she’s going to let tie her up because she knows how much like your little bondage games. She even lets you in on her little secret: she likes being tied up, too! Wow! You’re so excited! She asks how you want her and you tell her to get on the bed on her stomach with her hands behind her back. Aunt Natasha laughs, but she does as you instruct. You say you want her ankles crossed, too, and you’re so delighted to see that she’s wearing your very favorite white ankle socks!  You run off, all excited, and return with a huge pile of scarves. Aunt Natasha exclaims how many scarves you have to tie her up with! Well, you waste no time getting her tightly and thoroughly hogtied with no less than 10 scarves! You now have your hot aunt all hogtied with scarves bound around her chest and arms, three extra scarves bind her legs and ankles! She compliments you on how well you have her all tied up. After a bit of struggling (which she does for your amusement!), Aunt Natasha tells you that you can’t be totally finished — a true damsel in distress must be gagged, too! Wow! This is really your lucky day! You come back with two more scarves and a sock. Perplexed, Aunt Natasha Flade asks why two scraves for the gag? You tell her she should be blindfolded, too. Your aunt acquiesces and opens her mouth really wide for a balled up sock in her mouth. Once her mouth is stuffed full, she she tries to gag talk like that, with very little success. You finish the gagging job so it’s a bit more effective and now your aunt is over the mouth gagged, too, right over the sock stuffer packing. She’s blindfolded, too, with a matching black, soft scarf. You just stand there and watch for a while, totally entranced as Aunt Natasha rolls about, struggling softy while hogtied in her turtleneck sweater and sweatpants. She can’t see because of the blindfold, so she’s pretty careful as she rolls around. She makes little mmmpphing sounds from behind the OTM gag, too.  This is the best birthday ever! At the end, you remove her over the mouth gag and watch as Aunt Natasha spits the sock of her mouth, laughing happily at all the fun the two of you are having! She tells you how much she enjoyed being your damsel in distress for your very special birthday present and even says she would like to do it again someday. Oh my God! You think you might pass just thinking about that!

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